Mama: The Gorilla Glue

We have a saying in our house - dubbed by our longtime friend Czaplenski (everyone needs a Czaplenski in their lives) - it's "gorilla glue." When someone in the family is the one holding it all together, being the peacemaker, making things work despite the circumstances - they are the gorilla glue. B & I look at each other and just say those two words and call it out. It's a compliment, I promise. Although, it may not always feel like it…

As Mamas, I think that especially during the Summer months our gorilla glue abilities are seriously tested. I can at least say for myself I know this is true, and if I'm not careful, all I will remember about this Summer is how many times I refereed my children, how many times I had to ask them to stop "Mommying me to death," how I may have let a friend down, hurt a family member's feelings, how there's simply just NOT ENOUGH OF ME to keep a house clean with five tornadoes living here….I mean the list could go on. I wonder, do you ever let yourself feel like this too? If so, I have earth shattering news…

There isn't enough of you to go around, you're not strong enough to handle everyone's problems, and here's the catcher - you aren't meant to be. Jesus said "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." In Matthew 11:28 Jesus is giving us a direct command - He is telling us again to seek Him, to give Him our burdens and he will give us REST. Can we all all do a collective *SIGH* of relief? Thank you Jesus! 

When I find myself overwhelmed and feeling like I'm letting everyone down, I have to do an honest assessment of how I've been handling the days. Usually, its my own fault - I've taken everything from the day IN but not let anything OUT. I've not GIVEN any of it OUT to Him

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The Psalm 55:22 continues that The Lord will "not let the righteous be shaken." When I find myself shaken - I have to check myself and turn to Him. After all, I am not the answer, He is. I don't know it all, but He does.  I am not strong enough, but He will sustain me.  I cannot fix anything for anyone, but He can

So what are we to do? When we feel like we ARE the gorilla glue for so many? I think it all boils down to knowing what our job is vs. what God's job is. It is our job to steward our position - as wife, Mama, friend, etc. But it is not our job to take on ALL of the burden and try to strive in our own strength. When we are stewarding our position well, we must always seek Him for wisdom, direction, strength and - sometimes the hardest for me - REALLY CAST - LET GO of the burden and trust that The Lord is working out all of the details for our loved ones. Whether it's your children bickering, a friend's struggle, or a situation you just don't understand...Our job is simply to be present for those we love. God's job is to handle it/fix it according to His divine plan (not my plan, your plan, only HIS plan). Whatever "it" may be.

Remember that Jesus said this my friend:

"I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:9-10 ESV (Emphasis mine)

Jesus came and died for us so that we, as believers, may have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY. Not half heartedly, bound up, stressed, and burdened - that is the thief's work in our life. Don't forget to remind yourself and your loved ones that we have authority and power in the name of King Jesus to live life SAVED, SET FREE, and LIVING in fruit bearing ABUNDANCE…and that's true for the gorilla glue and all. 


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