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Our friendship is one that was knitted together through social media and the shared love of Jesus, our community, and philanthropic ventures. Together, we hope to encourage and inspire you to find the joy in your everyday, dig a little deeper in your spirit, and appreciate the little things. We want to make our time together count and hope that when you leave our little space in the blogosphere that you leave a little happier, knowing no matter where you're reading from that you have a place to rest here.

We will cover all of the things we are passionate about - which trust us, is quite a bit. Whether you're looking for something to do with your family locally, searching for a recommendation for your next devotional or a cause to support, or trying to find inspiration for your next DIY project - you'll be able to find it here. WELCOME!

(Challenged by this blog post we are going to do things a bit differently and introduce each other instead of writing our own bios!)

Meet my friend Emily! Emily is always fabulously accessorized and styled. She has a great eye for design - everything from fashion to interiors. You want color? Emily is your girl! Don't let all that pretty fool you though - she's a down home Southern girl who keeps it real. She's a devoted Wife to Chris, Mother to Finley (2) and Christ Follower. Emily is the girl who when she has something to say, trust me, it's worth listening to - she doesn't waste words and she's not just a sayer, but a doer. Her passion for her family, encouraging women, and supporting her community are truly inspiring to me. I'm so thankful to be on this adventure with her and I'm happy you're here too!  XOXO, Kacey

The beautiful lady pictured above is Kacey. As you can see, her peaceful spirit and welcoming personality radiates through her gorgeous smile, instantly drawing you in to learn more. Kacey is a great listener and is pretty much an open book who can't wait to share with you the amazing things The Lord has done in her life but is also quick to remind you she is and always will be a work in progress. Kacey is passionate about encouraging women to be all God has called them to be and it seems is always trying to figure out how to do that through coaching a Women's Discipleship group, writing, reading, and planning her next big idea. This fabulous decorator with a super cool style all her own is also wife to Brian and Mama to Ryder (8) and twins Lincoln & Ruby Jane (6) who are so very fortunate to have her, as are all of us that know her. I know you, too will be just as inspired by Kacey as I am, that's for sure! - Emily

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