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We wanted to take an opportunity to introduce you to our friend Evie. Not only is Evie an awesome photographer, but she has been so gracious by lending her talents to us in support of our blog and the Called Women's Conference. We appreciate Evie's talent so much and really value the ways she has helped and supported our mission - so, we figured we should share her with the rest of you…. Find out a little more about Evie, who is the woman behind Evie Lynn Photography, you won't be disappointed!

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I love meeting new people and I always find it so interesting on how I can already be connected with someone I haven’t met simply because we have a mutual friend or we figure out we know a lot of the same people! It really is a small world! I can get a real sense of a family dynamic just by watching them interact together and that’s probably my most enjoyable thing is to capture a connection or feeling in a moment.

Family photos require coordinating which stresses Moms out - any tips to make this easier?

It does require some coordination for sure but I’m always here to help make it less stressful! Pintrest can be a great inspiration for finding clothing options, clients can adapt what they find and like to include things they already have on hand. Family photography has changed and everyone doesn’t need to be matching! Choose a color scheme, go to the closets and coordinate colors! Accessorizing is a great way to throw in coordinating colors too!
One big thing is just to RELAX and be yourself!! If mom is stressed, the kids can usually sense that and be a little on edge too. I try to talk and get to know everyone a little before we start shooting to help ease those jitters. Kids will be silly and usually always unpredictable but thats what I love and the best images can come when they feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera.

We have a wonderful city with gorgeous backdrops all over town which you take great advantage of. If you could shoot anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Oh gosh, I think I would have to say Hawaii!! There are many other places that come to mind but I have been there and seeing all the endless beauty it has to offer really left an impact on me! The beaches, mountains, jungles, cities and so much more certainly offers so many inspiring places for photo shoots! I don’t think I could ever get bored there!!

You know we are Southern gals, so you have to give us your favorite southern saying.

Well, there are many! As a northern girl (from Michigan), after moving to TN, I'd have to say “fix in to” has always made me giggle and I never thought I would EVER hear myself say it. Never say never! lol It’s been said!

We had a lot of fun shooting with Evie and she did a great job drawing the kids in, keeping things relaxed and capturing real life. I don't know about you, but for me, that's a pretty awesome combo. As a photographer myself, I (Kacey) really appreciate that Evie was able to capture us - not the super posed us, but the real us. I can look at these photos years from now and know that we had a good time that day. Find out how to book your session with Evie by visiting Evie Lynn Photography!

Here are a few from our session….



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