Camping Party - Turning 8 is a Big Deal

So, my big guy's EIGTH birthday is coming up and, honestly, I can hardly believe it. I get pretty excited about birthdays in general and love to make the party special for my little ones. I'm not the Mom that cries because her kid is getting older (no shame if you are though!) but I think it is because I totally submerge myself in party planning. LOL After all of the hoopla I take my moment to walk down Memory Lane but mostly just cherish the new beginnings that the next year will bring. 

I'm all about making things look special but using a lot of what I have on hand and setting REALISTIC goals. Yes, I've learned the hard way. ;) Pinterest is definitely one of my best friends but I can get overwhelmed at all of the options. Because of that I use a pretty simple process to keep stress to a minimum and enjoyment to a maximum - if you're not going to have fun what's the point? Right?

{Steps to a Simple but Awesome Party}

1. Ask birthday boy/girl what they'd like their theme to be. Basic start but this is a MUST because my kids need ownership so they don't change their minds 50 times. 

2. Search Pinterest for inspiration and budget friendly ideas. Time yourself, seriously, give yourself 30 minutes max to search for ideas to lessen the opportunity to feel overwhelmed! 

3. Create an inspiration board to keep you focused. 

4. Shop your house - yes YOUR house. You have more than you think, I promise. And if you don't, ask your friends!

5. Once you've determined what you have, list what to buy. I make sure to keep paper products BASIC - CLEAR cups, SOLID colored napkins and plates. This makes it easier for you to build up a stash of supplies that can be used for other events you host. I do make an exception for paper straws because my kids think they're super cool. ;)

{Camping Party Inspiration Board}

All source info & additional inspiration can be found here.

Like I said, I like to keep things simple so I've figured out what is important to me and what I can give up. For example, I like making the cake for the birthday party, but I'll pass on the cupcakes. So, I've made friends with the lady at the grocery store bakery and I pick up a dozen plain cupcakes and then decorate them myself with sprinkles or toppers or in this case - fondant snakes. It's the best $15 dollars I spend. ;) Since Ryder chose a camping theme and I have two boys - I have a plethora of rocks and sticks all over my house that I plan on using in addition to the items on the board. I also have a lot of the items on the board or similar - or I know someone who does. ;) Decorating for the party is just one of the ways I try to celebrate my little ones day, but I also know that being PRESENT and in the MOMENT while he or she is celebrating is what matters most. So sweet Mamas, I know you may want to do it all - especially if Susie Mae down the road threw an amazing party - but trust me, Super Mom is dead and all your kid really wants to do is celebrate with YOU.


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