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While I do find Pinterest extremely inspiring, I also find it somewhat discouraging when I pull up a "super easy" something or other with 20plus steps and a required home economics degree. No thank you. Pass me the spray paint. So, just know that when I say "super easy" I mean it. 

What I am going to share with you is the power of spray paint.
This lamp was purchased at Kirkland's years ago. I have used it numerous places in my home and really like it, but was just not feeling the nature-y (is that a word?) vibe and wanted something more chic. 

A couple cans of spray paint and TADA! 
See?! Super easy. But that lamp looks totally different! I had to go back and get a couple crevices I missed on a leaf or bird, but for the most part this took about 15 minutes each coat with a waiting period of about a hour in between. I did it while FHD was playing outside. 

After I wrote this I was inspired to bust out the spray paint again so here are a few more glorious objects transformed by the power of spray paint. 

The dog below has been in our home for many years and has lived in every room but the kitchen at one point or another. We found him at Target and I love the detail on his masculine body. However, I just wasn't really feeling him anymore since he just seemed dark and heavy (must be his old age creeping in...). So, my black dog got a spray paint makeover. He now has a pretty amazing home now, too - the living room mantle. Movin' on up! (I forgot to get a good before picture but this is his beautiful back side before his lavish gold bath. 

Dang. I still can't get over the difference! And he really does fit in well on the mantle. It's the perfect home for him!

Now onto my brown birds that were sitting in the garage. These were really just a whim since the sun was shining and I had spray paint fever. But, the fact they made it back into the house shows that I quickly fell in love with their new look. It was fun to take something that was shabby chic-ish and make them chic. Bring on the gold, folks! 

And in case you were wondering what brought on this current gold phase (other than gold just bringing that added punch I've needed in my living room) I blame it on this new picture from Funtiques that is now on the living room mantle. GORGEOUS! (Also, if you live in Middle Tennessee and have never been to Funtiques you are missing out. No doubt that my favorite pieces in our home have come from this fabulous store. And when I went last week it was extremely refreshing to see the owner, Barbara, and catch up. She always treats her customers like long lost best friends and I adore her for that. Customer Service at it's finest!) 

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