Manicure Your Heart

So, Emily and I are pretty big on creating a home that you feel comfortable in, a home that people feel welcome in, and spaces where you can feel creative. While all of that is wonderful (and it may be something we enjoy a little too much - ask our husbands) it doesn't replace the time we all need to spend creating a well manicured heart, soul, and mind.

One of the best ways to do that is to submerge yourself in God's Word every day, read amazing books, and subscribe to awesome devotionals. There are so many wonderful women and men who have a beautiful way with words and inspire us with their blogs. Find what works for you, but do it. Set specific TIME aside and be INTENTIONAL. It makes a difference in your every day living.

A new way I'm jumping in to be more intentional is journaling. I've never been brave enough to journal - you read that right - brave enough. I mean, what if someone finds what is actually running around in my brain? It may frighten most. ;) BUT I found this beautiful Lent journal and just the beauty of it convinced me. And the fact that Jessi, founder of Naptime Diaries, is one of those people who I mentioned before…who inspires us.

So, want to jump in? Is it being more intentional with your prayer time? Getting in to the Word more? Or is it journaling? I don't know what you need, but most of us could up our game in one area or another. I know I can.

If you'd like to join us in journaling with the Naptime Diaries' Reflective Lent Journal you can find it here. The journal is not dated, so it can be used any time of year and will serve as a great motivator to make us more intentional and focused. Honestly, we can't wait to get started! :)

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