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I don't even know where to begin with the love we have for Ellie Holcomb. Her song Magnolia was the inspiration for the blog name and she's been singing beautiful truth in our lives over these months while we prepared to launch. When she started her Kickstarter campaign for a full length album we were thrilled! And As Sure As the Sun has far exceeded our expectations. Anytime we actually get a vote on what's playing in our home or car it's on full blast with many of the songs on repeat. As Sure As the Sun is a must have, but you won't need us to tell you that - you'll take one listen and Ellie Holcomb will convince you herself!

Before the full album was released I purchased the wonderful song Marvelous Light. When I played it for the first time in my car I released a flood of happy tears, thankful tears, tears of sheer joy, and hit repeat at least 3 times. The other song that I have on repeat is The Broken Beautiful - here's a glimpse - "you took my shame & you walked out of the grave so your love will take broken things & make them beautiful". Can I get an AMEN?! Only Hope I've Got, Night Song, Love Never Fails, Love Broke Through, and I Want to Be Free are my current favorites. OK, I'll be honest, I really want to listen to the entire album on repeat all day. It's true!! I even gifted it to the first person who sent me their email on Facebook and Instagram if that tells you anything :) Just get the album and sing praises from the top of your lungs - you won't regret it!

Check out this performance of Marvelous Light performed at The Well Coffeehouse in Nashville.

Also, to get another glimpse into the beautiful stories behind the songs visit Ellie's blog here.

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