Easter Fun for You & Yours...

If you're like me, Easter snuck up on me out of no where! I've been planning in my head all of these fun things to do with the kids and then BAM! It's Wednesday and Easter in SUNDAY. Like, THIS SUNDAY! Who knew? My three are really excited about Easter this year. Whether you do Easter bunnies or not, search for eggs or don't, I'm pretty sure we all agree that we want our children to know the true meaning of the holiday.

We've discussed the true meaning of Easter with our children, but I've found that they listen more, and we are able to engage in more conversation about it if we are doing something together. So, I've found a few crafts that would easily accommodate several age ranges. Nancy, over at Do Small Things With Love rounded up a great list of 30 different crafts centered around Easter. Here are a few that jumped out at me….

Ryder & Lincoln would love rounding up coins to create this Cross and I love the meaning behind it. PAID IN FULL indeed.

Um, its a chocolate covered donut serving as the tomb and an Oreo as the rock…do I really need to convince you of this one? They had me at chocolate. ;)

All three of my little loves love to make necklaces so this one is a must and I know they would love learning how to make a new design.

Ruby Jane would especially love this one. I think this is a great craft for all ages and one I would keep for years and years to come. I also saw a really simple version with finger paints. How precious would that be to pull out every year? 

We hope you enjoy a little crafting fun with your family in preparation for Easter. Keeping things simple means more fun in my home and I hope these activities help to generate great conversation about the true meaning of Easter. 

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