Mother's Day Gift Ideas Part II

Mother's Day is approaching so Mamas you know Emily and I have your back on fun finds and things you would be excited to receive - you know, no gift receipt required. ;)  And Papas, trust us, as long as you PREPARE and you're not grabbing something in the check out line at the grocery store - I'm sure your Lady Love will be happy with whatever you choose. But in case, you need a little extra help…these ideas may help direct your choices.

I really love gifts that are thoughtful and serve a purpose, either with my every day life or when purchased benefits someone else. This pick below does all of that and then some. This is a great bag that could go everywhere from the grocery to the coffee shop with your laptop or to the beach with snacks. Plus, it is from a really great company:

"No.41 Signature Bags are handmade with love in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Your purchase not only provides a stable job and sustainable income to a young woman transitioning into a life of independence, you are also providing 240 meals to a secondary student in Rwanda! FOR ONE child, FOR ONE meal, FOR ONE year. And that's how you change the world, for one."

You can really never go wrong with earrings and when it comes to Mother's Day, right ladies? I like to receive something I would wear a lot because the kids get really excited about that. These are made of up-cycled artillery from Ethiopia. For $34 they are wallet friendly, handmade, and beautiful to boot!

I know this piece isn't an every day wear but you could go the other direction and ask for something you wouldn't typically get for yourself, so when you do wear it it feels really special. This piece is  handmade in India and all of the colors makes it work year round. 

Minted offers a variety of styles of beautiful stationary. Personally, I'm a journal girl and you can either buy these "as is" or you can personalize them. Personalize them with a name, a special photo, or maybe even a favorite scripture or quote….For $16 you can even afford to buy a bouquet of flowers that triple in price just because they can… ;)

I love pieces that make an impact in my home and will remind me of the day we spent together when I walk by. If you like artwork, look for something that would speak to you.

If you're looking for affordable, stylish work out gear you may want to check out Fabletics. I recently stumbled upon them trying to find some gear for Barre. If you sign up with them, you can buy your first outfit for $25 - sometimes that includes THREE pieces! Crazy right? Dads - only get your lady work out gear if this is her thing. No Mama needs you t suggest she go work out, but for some of us who are already in to it would really dig this as a gift. And if you're going to guess on size….go for a MEDIUM. MEDIUM will never get you in trouble. Promise. 

I hope you enjoyed a few of my picks - and no matter what you receive - whether its a sweet home made poster by the kids or something extra blingy - I hope you feel celebrated and valued. Not only on Mother's Day but EVERY day because you are IMPORTANT and WHAT YOU DO MATTERS.

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