Giving Up My Friends, Shares, Likes, and Loves

Lately I find myself bouncing back and forth between two forms of social media - Facebook and Instagram - to keep up with friends, read what my favorite bloggers are writing, and catch glimpses into people's lives. And glimpses - that's exactly what I'm getting.

Yet, I still find myself sucked in (more often than I care to admit) to using social media as my only means of communication with others. And I know I'm not the only one. I have to remember that social media can be used in many ways that are very helpful but if we aren't careful it can also become very negative. Like those innocent pictures that my 2 months post-baby skinny friend who looks like a supermodel just posted? Oh, how quickly I think about how my almost 11 pound baby caused my hips to spread, skin to stretch, and cause my body feel to foreign the first year or so after having my son and BAM! I am in a total funk. 

And we won't talk about how often I check comments, likes, etc. to see what people think about what was just posted. Why? As a form of social conversation or to fill a void that isn't being met by others because I am in the house with a 2 year old that doesn't exactly understand how amazing that article was I just read (I know I'm not the only one with this struggle!). You know how to solve that? FOCUS on the sweet 2 year old in front of me and/or GET OUT of the house and go meet up with people! {preaching to myself here} Don't let social media fill the void of actual relationships. Use it as a source to meet others or make dates? Yes! As a means of touch and go communication? Limit that (which is so hard to do!). And we won't even talk about the fact it's a time waster when not used wisely...

Which is why I decided to give it up for lent. This is HUGE for me because, as stated above, I really like to use it as a way to connect throughout the day. But then I am quickly reminded that my main connection throughout the day should be with Finley. Ouch. But so very true. Even more difficult? I still need to use it for work with Team Day and also with the blog. So, only viewing it from my pages app on my phone and staying logged in to oh magnolia on instagram will be the challenge for 40 days. And as nervous as I am about it I am just as excited to see what is revealed to me during this time.

Speaking of lent, Kacey and I both will be sharing about the naptime diaries lent study we will be doing during this season. Feel free to follow us on instagram as we share what we are learning (or what smacks us over the head?!) as we dive into God's word to reflect on our salvation and prepare our spirit for the celebration of Easter.
this journal by Naptime Diaries is still available!
P.S. It's been less than a week and already I can tell a huge difference in not being on fb & ig. I actually sent out pictures and videos of Finley which created conversation with the recipients (family) that I wouldn't have had otherwise (just a like, love, maybe a comment). Also, my phone stayed away most of the weekend as I didn't feel the need to take a picture of all.the.things. I plan on reading the Hands Free Mama ( book during this time to further confirm my commitment to being fully present with my family and/or whoever else's companionship I'm enjoying. Let me know if you have read it yet or plan on it! 

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