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About this time last year I was introduced to noonday collection and quickly fell in love with their mission and beautiful products. I hosted a trunk show last summer where Kacey and I actually talked for the first time outside of social media, so noonday has a part in our story, too. They launched their spring and summer line a about a month ago and we are loving it! 

We were the nerds that took a picture after we were done. I think we were on a Noonday high from all of the amazing women we had just met!  
Last month we ventured to a trunk show in Franklin where we not only got to view the new line but also had the amazing opportunity to meet the founder, Jessica Honegger, and many other fantastic ladies. We had so much fun hearing Jessica's story and getting to chat with her (!!!) about her inspiration in our lives. It was so awesome to see how one woman saying "yes" to God and being faithful to His calling on her life has changed the lives of the artisans AND the ambassadors that noonday employs. 

If you aren't familiar with Noonday you can learn more about how this company is empowering women at and/or view the info below.  

I am going to share my favorite Noonday pieces with you and how I wear them. If I am not still in pajamas at home (just being honest!) I more than likely have on noonday somewhere. It's become a staple in my wardrobe and I love finding different ways to wear the pieces. 

I am all about an arm party. Necklaces aren't always a part of my everyday because my son still loves to pull/play with those and bigger earrings. All of the bracelets pictured above are from Noonday. (The fabulous turquoise one, too!)
Love how this necklace adds a much needed pop of color to my simple black and white. (they have it now in grey and turquoise which is pretty amazing as well!).
For times when I don't have 2 year old hands around these necklaces are an easy go to! I have on the inca steps necklace in teal above (they also have it in coral!).

The minted necklace is a great layering piece
Kacey and I have both pinned some of our favorite noonday pieces over on our pinterest board - check them out! We are also hosting a show on April 10th. If you are interested in attending or would like more information (you can shop online!) email us and we'll be happy to fill you in.  We know you will love this company as much as we do - as if their products weren't enough to make us swoon, it makes it even better knowing that your purchase enables other women and their families! 

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