Target Spring Spruce Up!

If you follow Emily and I on Instagram you KNOW Target is our favorite place to shop for everything from our kids clothes to Home decor - I mean, just walking in there gives an uninspired mind a healthy dose of inspiration!

I thought since decorating is one of our favorite Spring time activities (or anytime, let's face it) I'd put together a little design board to hopefully inspire you to spruce up your living space. Spring time is full of pops of colors which is why we love it so much. But color everywhere isn't for EVERYONE, so I thought I'd show you how to do a little sprucing up in a more understated way, instead of pops of pink, aqua and orange all in the same room - but don't be fooled, we LOVE that too. Ha!

Navy has been on my radar for a while now and I think it is a fun neutral that really works with any color. If you're wanting to spruce up an area in your home I would choose one new furniture piece that has a pop of color and build around that - you can even just paint something you currently have. Trust me, spray paint is your friend. Then choose a great patterned accent pillow and pull some other colors from there and blend in classic accents like frames and fresh flowers. Trays are a favorite - I believe everything should be corralled. Things placed separately can look like a hodgepodge but place it all in a tray and suddenly it all works. Remember to have fun - mix metals and wood….if something catches your eye - grab it. As long as YOU love it, it will find a way of working in the space.

Check out all of these fun finds from Target!

Want more inspiration? You can find the links to all of these products and more by visiting Target and our Pinterest board! Happy decorating friends! 

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