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Our Inspired By pick for this month is the amazing Christy Sanford. Does she look familiar? Well, she should because you've probably seen her running all around town either with her sweet family, or at The Greenhouse or maybe it was at the latest Republican Party event? This lovely lady could run circles around Emily & I both combined which is one of the many reasons we've selected her to introduce you to this month…she's a lady you should want to know

Personally, for me (Kacey), I admire Christy's ability to juggle her roles and her God given calling. While she is fervently committed to her family - immediate and extended - she also balances her commitment to advancing the Kingdom in her roles at church and also in the community with her position at The Greenhouse and within the political realm. Christy admits that the juggle takes organization but she really makes things look easy, she doesn't sweat the small stuff and like me, she's a "pull up your bootstraps" kinda gal which I can really appreciate. I love that she is so approachable and genuinely loves people - whether you are a homeless Mom or a well established political figure in the community - she treats ALL people with kindness and respect. Christy has the innate ability to make people feel SEEN & HEARD - and that is what inspires me most about this Godly woman. I'm thankful for her in so many ways.  

I (Emily) am inspired by Christy for many reasons but mainly because she's a REAL "what you see is what you get" kinda gal. She speaks life and love to everyone she comes across and you always leave a conversation with her feeling like she was very present - listening and loving on you - and who doesn't admire that?! Christy's life balance is inspirational to me and I admire her honesty that it's not always sunshine and lollipops but it does take work to balance a relationship with God, work, family, extracurricular (for all!) and fun on a daily basis. I am thankful for Christy's willingness to serve in all capacities and shine Christ's light wherever she goes. I absolutely love this lady & I'm so glad you all get the chance to know her better! 

That's our take on Mrs. Sanford, now why don't we go ahead and let you hear from her….

Christy Sanford 

Director of Garden Patch Thrift Shoppe & Warehouse, Board Member of Greenhouse Ministries and Chairman of the Rutherford County Republican Party

1)     Tell us first what one thing people may not know/or be surprised to learn about you?
Many people do not know that I lived in Italy for a year as a nanny and I also taught English. I was there to help set up youth programs for several evangelical churches.

2) What phrase/quote/verse is your go to during hard times?

I love the verse Romans 8:19 “All creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.”  This verse reminds me that even creation knows that people all have callings/ gifts that have been given to them.  I love watching people discover what those are for them. One of my passions is working with people in this discovery process!

3) Tell us some of your favorite places and/or events in our community.

This is a tough one for me since I absolutely love Rutherford County!!  Being part of an amazing network of service organizations and non-profits has me spoiled by the cooperation in this county!  I love being able to go local events and see people of all socioeconomic levels, race, gender, age mingled in with the public servants and elected officials all enjoying the events together side by side.

4) What fills your cup so you can pour life into others?

I have to have quiet time in the mornings. I have a routine that gets me going each day.  I listen to the daily audio bible, which is a reading through the bible each year by a gentleman named Brian Hardin.  Then as I get ready and stand in front of my mirror, I have index cards with names of people I pray over each morning.  I also ask for grace and wisdom from God, and I ask Him to open my mouth when it needs to be opened and shut it when it needs to be shut.  I also love to read, therefore I am constantly reading books that teach, train, and entertain me.  I usually have 3 to 4 books going at a time. 

5) You have a great husband, four children ranging in age from 9yrs-15yrs old  and are very active outside of your day job in church and in the community with The Republican Party - what keeps you on track/motivated/organized?

I live by my calendar!!!  My husband and I each evening before bed try to go over our schedules for the next day.  I will say that my laundry is usually behind and piled high.  Our life style is not like most so when we are all 6 at home together, you will more than likely find us playing cards or a board game instead of our chores.  I remember my mother saying to me when my first two kiddos were very little “your laundry will be always be there but your kids will not.”

We try to do things as a family unit, we call ourselves the Sanford 6.  One reason is because there are 6 of us. But the main reason is because Drew and I live by Deuteronomy 6:6 -9 where it states to teach your children as you go, as you lie down, etc… This is the philosophy we live by.

One thing I have been able to do is to assign days for different areas in which I am involved. For example, I have one day that I dedicate to focus on Republican Party, one day to focus on my church leadership activities, and 3 days that I work at Greenhouse Ministries.  And of course I keep a few pockets of time for extra fun things that come our way.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about Christy and why she is such a great blessing to our community. We've certainly enjoyed sharing why she inspires us. Who inspires you in our community? We'd love to hear and maybe they will be our next Inspired By pick! 

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  1. You ladies are awesome! Christy is a true Proverbs 31 woman. I love Christy and I know she loves and believes in me. She has never questioned my past nor allowed my different walk of life reflect her respect and love for me. I'm forever grateful that God placed her in my life. I have witnessed her sowing fruitful seeds not only in my life but others as well. She definitely deserved this recognition. She is genuine, she is honest, she is intelligent, she is reliable, she is prodigy material, she is gorgeous, she is Christ like.
    I enjoy reading your articles, again. .. you "three" ladies are super awesome!


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