Building Instructions...

A few months ago I was asked to second shoot a wedding in Memphis. I am the epitome of the reluctant wedding photographer. I really didn't want to do it if I'm just being down right honest, but I didn't say no, instead I was saying yes before I even realized it. I rationalized all the reasons I don't like doing weddings - but kept going back to the fact that it would be a good learning experience. The wedding went well and a learning experience it certainly was…but not in the way I expected.

I had some down time while I was there so I caught up on the Nehemiah study that She Reads Truth is doing right now. It's awesome ya'll and if you're not currently reading any type of devotion, you really should check theirs out. The current study on Nehemiah is so good….but one post in particular kept bothering me. Messing with me….Jessi is covering Nehemiah 3:1-32 and encouraging us to pick up our bolts, our beams, and get to building! 

"The people have to get up, stop talking and vision casting, and start putting beams down. They have to walk over to their neighbor’s house. They have to move to that city where they know God is calling them. Download the adoptive parent packet. Write the email. Buy the snacks. Do the work."

Ok, I'm thinking…I'm SO on BOARD you're speaking my language Jessi, but then she asks this question…..

Huh? What? I'm not building anything - I love a good DIY but I seriously doubt anything I build is going to be a setting for any miraculous happenings…How does this apply to ME? To YOU? My spray painted dining room chairs aren't going to be a setting for a blind man to be healed…or my little herb garden a place where a crippled man will begin to walk…Or will it? 

I had a four hour ride home from Memphis and this question kept bugging me. None of my friends or family would answer the phone, I wasn't feeling any of my music (which is NOT like me) and it was quiet. Very quiet. So I started talking this out with God. {Funny how when no one else was available to talk I finally started talking to the ONLY ONE who could really get this right for me.} As I was talking this through, God in all of His graciousness, set me at ease. The drive from Memphis to Nashville is beautiful, I'm sure not every engineer or construction worker who built the roads between here and there were expecting any holy experiences to happen there as they were building - but on those roads is where God set a lot of things straight for me and I'm thankful.

I'm not building anything brick by brick, I'm not building a physical altar  for anyone to see. But my job, in my place as a woman, wife and as a Mom, I am building something for miraculous kingdom-sized work for generations to come. I am setting a firm foundation in my children with the knowledge that The Lord loves them, that God created each of them for a special purpose. With every encouraging word I give them I build their confidence in who they are becoming, who God created them to be, with every kiss, hug, snuggle I am telling them that they are loved and as much as they feel that I love them, God loves them even MORE. With every meal given, clothes washed, chore checked off, discipline given, I am helping to build character and integrity. I have been given three little people to train up - to BUILD - and what I am able to do will help prepare them for their own kingdom sized work. 

In my spray painted dining room chairs is where we talk about our day, build relationships, ask questions about faith and family, in our herb garden is where we talk about how things grow and why God made things, in our front yard is where we play and find joy... So, no, I'm not building anything brick by brick, but I am building something word by word, hug by hug,  not only in my family but also with those who God brings into my life. The setting I create in my home and in my relationships is one that God could use for generations to come and the same goes for you my friend. As you're building, here are your instructions  - don't get stuck on the "what" you are building instead focus on the "who" you are building. Only God knows what He has prepared for them to do and what we build up in those around us could help give them the confidence to fulfill His purpose and will for their life. That is kind of a big deal. 



  1. Gooooood stuff lady!!
    There is times I find myself driving with one hand and digging through my purse for my cell phone with the other hand. Just as you said He's the only person who can really give us the adequate directions we desperately need. Our friends are sheep just like us! One on one tutoring lessons from the Father is priceless. Thank you for sharing your lesson.

    1. Thank you Paprika! It's a constant, daily, learning lesson. We just have to remember to look to Him to be taught and not rely on ourselves so much! I'm glad you enjoyed reading! <3


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