Hope for this Mother's Day

Once my brain started to really work this morning (about 2 hours after we all woke up and my hubby and son left if I am being honest) I started thinking about Mother's Day this Sunday. It is a lovely day isn't it? You know, the picture perfect version where there are bouquets of flowers, gifts, lots of smiles and not a single temper tantrum, long naps for mama and kids, and an overdose of sunshine & lollipops. But since we don't live in that world, we live in the real world, this day may be filled with hurt because of expectations that aren't met, finances that don't bend for gifts, pain for the women who are praying that one day they will finally be a mama, and those who long to talk to the mother they miss so much. In this REAL world, sometimes Mother's Day can be HARD.

Today marks the second year that my Mother In Law will spend mother's day thinking about her own sweet mama's death just a few days before this holiday. It came out of nowhere. We all grieved knowing that she would never meet her grandson who was just a few months old at the time, how the trip she would take to see us all that summer would not happen, and how we just didn't have enough time with her. And that makes Mother's Day hard. If that's you this Mother's Day, longing to pick up the phone and hear your mother's voice, our hearts hurt for you.

there is hope. 

On Mother's Day especially I think about the women who may want to bury their heads under the cover and never come out because they have been trying. and trying. and trying to become a mama and it hasn't happened yet. And today is just a reminder of the baby they so desperately want. We pray with you as you seek Him and wait patiently for His great plan to be unveiled in your life. Your struggle is not ignored. We are cheering you on and supporting you.

there is hope.

For the mamas whose babies live with Jesus, who had to say goodbye far too soon. The pain you have felt on this earth is more than you ever thought you could bear but you take each day as it comes, trusting God to carry you. Your sadness and hurt doesn't go unnoticed. 

there is hope.

To the women who have been rejected by their own mother, who have a hurt that is hard to heal, your pain doesn't go unnoticed. If you think of Mother's Day as a reminder of the hole in your heart that longs for acceptance, nurturing, and redeeming love - take it from a girl whose dad left that hole - stop trying to fill it on your own. The only one who can heal your heart is the best parent who will never let you go. Seek the grace, love, and redemption that only your Heavenly Father can give.

there is hope.

To all of the mamas who are flying solo - who can't lay down so someone else can take over the dinner, homework, bath routine even though a 5 minute break would do wonders(this was MY wonderful mama). You are doing your best to make ends meet while being all things to all your people - take heart. He sees you. We see you. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We are cheering you on and we are here to support you.

there is hope.

And to those who are doing this mama thing day in and day out - packing lunches, changing diapers, answering "mama" what feels like 1 million times an hour, and so much more - who so desperately want one day to be simply "perfect". A day with no whining, no fighting, long naps with the spring breeze coming in through the windows, no stains on the new clothes the children put on 5 minutes ago, and every gift mentioned or pinned on our pinterest board nicely wrapped and a handmade gift made with love thrown in for good measure (with someone else taking care of that handmade gift for all the other relatives that need one so we don't have a meltdown) - let go of that expectation. It's only going to disappoint you because, LIFE. It happens. Let today be the day you embrace the imperfect and appreciate that life - like the house, the clothes, the dishes - gets messy. It's up to you to find the joy in it all. 

And, yes, there is hope. 

And to all of us this Mother's Day - let's all encourage one another and remind each other that there is HOPE. If you know someone who falls in any of the categories above give them a call, send them a note (or flowers!), drop a basket of goodies off at their house or in the mail, or take them to lunch. Whatever you do, let them know they are loved and that there is HOPE. 

And you know what? When you have done something nice for others YOU get the best reward. That feeling of knowing that you made a difference in someone's life - gave them HOPE - well, you can't put a pricetag on that gift.  

Happy Mother's Day, friends! 

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  1. That was so unbelievably real, beautiful and encouraging. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day.


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